Spiegel report: Secret company from Israel manipulated 27 election results

Spiegel report: Secret company from Israel manipulated 27 election results

According to a report in the news magazine Spiegel, an Israeli company is manipulating elections worldwide. Who exactly is behind the company is still unknown. International research in which Der Spiegel was involved shows that the secret company apparently controls fake news campaigns and hacks high-ranking politicians. All this for money and to influence elections for the clients.
The head of the company is an ex-soldier with the code name “Jorge”, it says in the mirror. That’s why the secret company calls itself “Team Jorge”. It attacks politicians with hacking tools and runs large-scale campaigns of disinformation and lies for its clients.

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The numbers are frightening: According to Spiegel, Team Jorge has already intervened in 33 national election campaigns and votes. In 27 cases, it is said to have actually influenced the elections in favor of its clients. To control online opinion, the secretive company controls over 30,000 credible fake accounts on social media platforms.

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Undercover research: Reporters pretended to be clients
According to Der Spiegel, the information comes from undercover research conducted over six months by reporters from The Marker, Haaretz and Radio France. They are said to have pretended to be interested in Team Jorge.

By: Chiara Maria Leister

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