Mexico to ban solar geoengineering after dangerous experiment

Mexico to ban solar geoengineering after dangerous experiment

The government takes action and decides that the red line has been crossed. And it bans geoengineering. “Mexico reaffirms its fundamental commitment to the protection and well-being of its population from practices that pose risks to human security and the environment,” the executive said in a statement. Dove promises to put the precautionary principle at the heart of its action and soon ban this climate manipulation technique.

An American startup has conducted a geoengineering experiment in Mexico that the country claims was done without warning or consent.

By Sebastian Rodriguez and Jo Lo

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Mexico on Tuesday announced a new set of measures to ban solar geoengineering experiments in the country after a US startup began spewing sulfur particles into the atmosphere in the northern state of Baja California.

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The Mexican government has said it will develop a strategy to ban future solar geoengineering experiments, which will also include an information campaign and scientific reports. However, the government did not announce more specific actions.

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