Canada’s mass mortality has spawned a new profession

Canada’s mass mortality has spawned a new profession

Death rates in Canada have increased significantly over the past year and a half. People are dying suddenly and more often. This is happening all over Canada (and not just in Canada) that it has started to cause problems for society. Corpses began to appear everywhere, both in public places and in people’s homes. This necessitates the creation of a new profession, Body Removal Technician.

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“Here are some of the requirements for people who will work in this new profession:

As representatives of this company, employees must adhere to the dress code policy. This includes black dress shirt, black dress pants, and black boots.

Cooperates with first responders, Coroner, hospital staff, or care facilities and accommodate their processes and procedures

For home removals, courteously and professionally interacts with grieving family members; exhibits sensitivity to environment.

Entering deceased information into proprietary paperwork according to any company procedures.

Follows processes, paperwork, and deceased identification

Ability to lift/carry/pull a minimum of 200 lbs

Comfortable working and driving in all weather conditions

Ability to respond to a call immediately during shift

Excellent interpersonal skills and communication skills with team members as well as our clients.

Ability to remain composed and professional at traumatic scenes

Ability to maintain confidentiality

Cellphone with data plan is required

High School Diploma or equivalent”

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If you wish, you can apply here.

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