She is clearing the health system of fanatics about lockdowns, masks and mandates

She is clearing the health system of fanatics about lockdowns, masks and mandates

The new Prime Minister of the Canadian province of Alberta is cleaning up the Canadian province’s health service. It removes the lockdown fanatics and those responsible for the strict corona measures. Danielle Smith becomes a shining political role model for the world.

Alberta’s conservative Prime Minister Danielle Smith is considered a harsh critic of the Canadian authorities’ completely exaggerated corona measures. In recent weeks she has repeatedly made it clear that under her leadership in her province there will be neither vaccination mandates nor any discrimination related to Covid-19. The partnership of the province’s health service with the World Economic Forum (WEF) is also problematic.

But now Smith is going a clear step further and follows up the words with clear deeds: First, the conservative politician Dr. Deena Hinshaw, who, as the province’s chief medical officer, advocated the lockdowns and strict corona measures. Then followed the dismissal of the entire board of Alberta Health Services (AHS), which had overseen and supported the enforcement of the province’s Covid regime. Together with Alberta’s Health Minister Jason Copping, Smith announced this in the provincial capital of Calgary.

“Albertans want AHS to be accountable and they want to know that a world-class health system and high level of care is available when they need it,” Smith said. “We need a healthcare system that can meet our growing needs, and we need to take action to increase access. And today we are taking steps to do just that.” Because the health system was already struggling with overload and long waiting times before Covid-19. This has worsened over the past few years as extreme measures have been introduced. “Patients are waiting too long across our healthcare system, despite the excellent work being done by doctors, nurses, paramedics and other frontline workers. We need more urgent action to improve access,” Smith said.

This also makes it clear that Alberta will play a leading role in the Canadian freedom movement, which is opposed to all the coercive measures. Most importantly, Alberta under PM Smith could be a role model for many other state and local governments, much like the US state of Florida under Governor DeSantis.

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