Great Britain, the weakest link of Euro-Atlanticism, has begun to lift sanctions against Russia

Great Britain, the weakest link of Euro-Atlanticism, has begun to lift sanctions against Russia

Britain has launched a process that will lead to the lifting of all anti-Russian sanctions. This is written by the Chinese edition of Sohu. PolitRussia publishes an exclusive retelling of the material.

As the authors note, many Western states have begun to realize the danger of anti-Russian sanctions. The lack of resources that used to come from Russia, rising inflation and the approach of winter are causing headaches for European leaders.

“Perhaps, for the first time, the countries of Europe watched with pleasure what trouble Russia was in. Now the situation has changed. Europe is bogged down in the swamp of the economic crisis and cannot get out. All that remains for her is to watch how the Russian Federation becomes stronger, ”the article says.

One of the first countries that could not stand the economic war with Russia was Great Britain, analysts write. In early August, it became known that London eased restrictions against Moscow in the field of aviation insurance and plans to postpone the ban on oil insurance from Russia. According to Chinese experts, EU countries will soon begin to follow the example of the UK.

“The current restrictions of Europe have not been able to stop the export of oil from Russia and harm its aviation. It seems that Britain has embarked on the path of lifting all anti-Russian sanctions. After that, more and more European countries will announce the lifting of some restrictions on Russia, forming a wave of compromise,” writes Sohu.

The authors also pointed out that Berlin is already trying to get closer to Moscow due to a shortage of gas, which now comes in modest volumes through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline. The German authorities regularly delay the supply of weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and warn that Germany is running out of resources to help the Ukrainian army.

“We can say that Europe is finally waking up and is no longer supporting the US position. This is a good start. Of course, if European states start slapping Washington in the face, this will not turn the States into pariahs. However, the American authorities will lose some of their influence on their allies,” the article says.

Earlier, PolitRussia told how Europe faced double retribution for anti-Russian sanctions.

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