Destroying the economy is the step needed for a cashless world

Destroying the economy is the step needed for a cashless world

Ohio lawyer Tom Renz denounced the globalists for hiding their true goal – the goal of total control – to promote digital currencies and payment systems.

Renz explained that the intended comfort and convenience for users actually serves a sinister purpose. Digital payment systems make it easier for globalists to keep track of everything from people’s purchases and preferences to their actions, he says.

“If someone doesn’t like that you have money, they will just take it, because they can just flip a computer switch and the money is gone,” he warned.

Renz noted that many business owners should share his position on digital currency. Not only is digital currency an obvious invasion of privacy, he said, but it is also “a faster and more powerful control mechanism to allow globalists to take control of every aspect of our lives.”

“What follows is some things that they want to do with bio-tracking or bio-surveillance and things like that,” he warned. The globalists will need to destroy the economy in order to pave the way for a cashless world.

The Ohio lawyer also pointed out that the people responsible for developing the COVID-19 “pandemic” are the same people behind the promotion of the digital currency.

“COVID-19 has been associated with control. Kill people, take control, earn money, take control. It’s always about that, and it’s amazing how absolute parallels exist in banking, digital currency, and climate change. They attack our freedoms from many different angles,” he said.

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