Have you seen similar ones? This is not a UFO, a nuclear powered plane

Have you seen similar ones? This is not a UFO, a nuclear powered plane

TR-3B “Black Triangle” – Codename: ASTRA – magnetic field destroyer aircraft.

“In recent years, countless people have reported seeing strangely shaped flying objects (including triangular ones) with spectacular trajectories. Without disputing the existence of UFOs of alien origin, it is important to clarify that some of these aircraft actually belong to the US government and are used by them in the strictest confidence.

The first operational reconnaissance flight took place in the early 1990s. The triangular nuclear platform of the aircraft was built in the strictest secrecy under the AURORA program, financed with money from the “black budget” (at least $ 3 billion was invested in this project). The Aurora is still the most secret US aerospace program today, and the TR-3B is the most “exotic” vehicle that was created as part of the Aurora program, funded and coordinated by the NSA (National Security Agency), NRA “National Recognition”) and CIA (Central Intelligence Agency).

The coating material of the TR-3B aircraft is a radar reactive polymer that can change its reflectivity, radar absorption and color. This polymer, when used in conjunction with some of the TR-3B’s internal electronics, can make the vehicle look like a small ship or a flying cylinder on a radar screen.

A circular ring filled with accelerating plasma, called a magnetic field destroyer (MFD), surrounds the rotating crew compartment and surpasses all currently known technology. Sandia Laboratories and Livermore have developed this secret technology, and the US government will do everything to protect it.

The plasma formed when mercury is heated to 250,000 atmospheres and a temperature of -123 degrees Celsius, when accelerated to 50,000 rpm, becomes a superconducting plasma, the end result of this process is the abolition of gravity (levitation).

More specifically, by generating this rotating magnetic field, the effect of gravitational attraction on the ship is neutralized by 89%. In other words, the weight of the circular booster, as well as the entire weight of the booster – the crew hat, avionics (navigation and operational instruments and devices), fuel, crew environment systems and the nuclear reactor, and others – are reduced by 89%. This makes the vehicle extremely light and capable of far surpassing in its characteristics and maneuverability all aircraft created so far (except, of course, UFOs).

The TR-3B aircraft evolves at high altitudes in a stealthy manner (using STEALTH technology), thus providing a recognition platform for indefinite flight times. Once it reaches (at high speed) this altitude, it only needs very little thrust to maintain the altitude. In addition, there were rumors in the secret Groom Lake base about a new element that would act as a plasma catalyst. By reducing weight by 89%, the craft can move at Mach 9 (9 times the speed of sound: about 10,000 km/h), both vertically and horizontally.”

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