We are guaranteed to run out of pensions, and the collapse that has begun cannot be stopped

We are guaranteed to run out of pensions, and the collapse that has begun cannot be stopped

Bank of America analysts warned in a note this month that shrinking trading volume in the US Treasury market could be one of the biggest threats to global financial stability.

In other words, the US Treasury’s ability to sell its own debt is rapidly diminishing. At some point, there will be no buyers at all, and the Federal Reserve will have to be the buyer of last resort, setting off the final spiral of currency collapse that brings America to its knees.

Bank of England governor warns investors they have three days to liquidate
Not to be outdone in the realm of financial panic buttons, the Governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, has just warned investors that they have three days to liquidate debts before the BoE backs down and stops buying all defaulted bonds ) that fund UK pensions.

“My message to the funds involved and all the firms is that you have three days left,” Bailey just said on Tuesday. In doing so, he essentially set the countdown timer on a massive debt bomb that will explode as soon as the Bank of England stops buying all the failed debt instruments that prop up the entire UK pension system.

And what is the explanation for why this happens? “The volatility in the market exceeded bank stress tests,” Bailey explained, which basically means something like, “We never expected a crash this big and we can’t stop it.”
When markets crash, most Americans will lose their investments and pensions, leading to a wave of urban protests as mass destitution and starvation begin.

❗️This collapse cannot be avoided. It is already in motion and now we can only watch as it unfolds, bringing down the Western financial system (and entire nations) while leaving people to rot in the (dirty) streets, homeless, penniless and hopeless. In Germany, people are scouring the countryside for horse droppings to burn in their wood stoves this winter.

Maybe if they run out of horse poop, they can burn the currency. It will soon be useless anyway.

Historical cycles lined up for the mother of all financial catastrophes
We’re watching everything unfold in real time, and it’s no coincidence that we’re right in the window of the crash cycles predicted by Aaron Brickman.

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