They succeeded, 30% of women don’t want children, damaged 2 billion so far

They succeeded, 30% of women don’t want children, damaged 2 billion so far

The crisis caused in the world by the virus, then the war, interrupted supplies and more and more succeeded in its endeavor.

“More than 30% of women of childbearing age in France do not want children for environmental or professional reasons.

We must abandon the leftist paradigm because it has concrete implications for our future and our people. After a while, we’ll just disappear.”

In addition, the grim fate of the vaccinated is becoming increasingly clear.

Doctors say that 50% of children who develop myocarditis due to vaccination against Covid-19 will die within 5 years. Experts talk about 20 million dead and 2 billion injured people.

“The biggest story that is not reported by the media is the genocide carried out by governments around the world. In fact, what the so-called “conspiracy theorists” have been talking about for two years is being confirmed daily. Now, with experts warning that 20 million people have already died after taking the experimental injections and 2 billion have been injured, doctors want to prepare parents of children vaccinated against Covid-19 who develop myocarditis as a result.

According to former member of the Covid-19 Response Team ( in Eastern Ontario, Canada, Dr. Chris Alan Shoemaker, 50% of young people who are vaccinated and patients with myocarditis will die within the next 5 years.

More than 23,000 children have died in Europe since regulators first approved a Covid-19 vaccine for children, according to official figures.

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