Italy’s election winner doesn’t vaccinate his daughter, here’s why

Italy’s election winner doesn’t vaccinate his daughter, here’s why

It is naive to believe that in such a turbulent time, the globalists will allow without resistance those whom they cannot control to power in the heart of Europe.

The position of the Western media in this situation is not surprising. For example, the BBC writes:

“Politicians of the far right will come to power in Italy for the first time since Benito Mussolini, who exactly one hundred years ago, in October 1922, staged a coup, became a dictator and ruled for 20 years.”

In the statements of the mainstream media, everything really looks like “the elites are in a panic.” But when have the world events of the past few years been so unambiguous?

Many questions remain that the Western media are trying to analyze. Such as the questions:

Will the attitude of the Italian authorities to Russia’s war against Ukraine change?

Why did the Italians radically change their choice? Is this not the change of elites that Putin promised?

What will change now in Italy?

Will a united Europe crack, as Putin wants?

Curiously, Giorgia Meloni chose not to vaccinate her 5-year-old daughter. She explained her decision as follows:

“I do not vaccinate my daughter because the vaccine is not a religion, but a medicine, so I evaluate the risk-benefit ratio (…) This is a trial vaccine that expires in 2023 (…) The chances of a child dying from Covid-19 is the same as a child struck by lightning,” she added, referring to statistics for young people under 20 years old.

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