The Pope is sick and cannot go to Ukraine, but he went to Kazakhstan, why?

The Pope is sick and cannot go to Ukraine, but he went to Kazakhstan, why?

Pope Francis said that health problems prevented him from going to Ukraine, but instead he went to Kazakhstan to lay the foundations for a one world religion.

“In early September, Pope Francis dispelled rumors that there might be a papal visit to Ukraine ahead of his visit to Kazakhstan, saying that doctors had banned him from going there due to ongoing knee problems.

However, Pope Francis has finally made his way to Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, the infamous city built by the Illuminati to promote their One World Religion project.

While in Nur-Sultan on the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, Pope Francis never once mentioned Jesus in his seven-minute address to an interfaith gathering in Kazakhstan. Instead, the Masonic pontiff demoted Jesus to one of the paths leading to the “Divine”, replaced the Holy Trinity with “human brotherhood” and emphasized that it is “brotherhood that unites us as children of the same Heaven”, confirming the Masonic project outlined together with Fratelli tutti (All brothers) – the third encyclical of Pope Francis with the subtitle “On fraternity and social friendship”, signed on October 3, 2020 on the occasion of a visit to the grave of his namesake, Francis of Assisi.

Using parables for God borrowed from pluralist theologians such as John Hick and Paul Knitter, Francis also spoke of “the mystery of infinity that transcends and draws us in”.
The pontiff used more general designations such as “Almighty” and “Divine” in his attempt to include the Islamic and Indian understanding of God. From the very beginning, Pope Francis has promoted the fallacy of indifference—that is, that all religions are the same—preparing for a soulless One World Religion.”

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