Insanity: Book Recommends Kids Watch Their Parents Have Sex

Insanity: Book Recommends Kids Watch Their Parents Have Sex

A screenshot of an excerpt from a sex education book that encourages parents to invite their young children to bed to watch them have sex was circulated on social media on Thursday.

Sex Education for 8-12 Year Olds: A Children’s Book for Good Parents by Ana LeBlanc has been removed from Amazon after dozens of one-star reviews and comments from readers who were outraged by the book’s content.

Page 47 of the book begins by explaining to readers that “it is not uncommon for children to overhear or even ‘catch’ their parents making love.”

“The child should be gradually introduced to the normal mechanics of lovemaking and allowed to enter the parental circle of love,” writes Leblanc.

An excerpt from the page offers tips on how to start “educating your child about his/her sexuality”. Among examples, Leblanc suggests that “couples may deliberately leave the bedroom door open or ajar during moments of intimacy.”

LeBlanc goes even further, recommending that parents invite their children to bed so they can watch them have sex. “Take your child to bed with you and let him or her watch you share intimacy,” she says.

The author also gives advice to breastfeeding mothers: “A mother should feel at ease breastfeeding while her husband is making love to her.”

Leblanc assures his readers that there is no shame in allowing children to become voyeurs of adult sexual activity. “A couple shouldn’t mind having their child watch them share an intimate embrace.”

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