Another TV presenter fainted on live broadcast

Another TV presenter fainted on live broadcast

In footage from Tuesday, Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Samachar News host Yatchna Mishra was covering UK Prime Minister Liz Truss’s meeting with Queen Elizabeth when the camera turned back to her and she suddenly fell over.

A message obtained by Mauritius news site, the MBC reportedly confirmed Mishra was doing well following the fainting spell.

“An MBC presenter suddenly fainted on Tuesday, September 6, while presenting the newspaper in Hindustani,” reports. “The video of the incident is making the rounds on social networks, causing concern among Internet users. We learn that she received treatment and that she is doing better.”

While it’s unclear what exactly happened to Mishra, her on-air loss of consciousness fits a similar pattern recently observed since the introduction of experimental Covid jabs wherein people have inexplicably fainted, many times on camera.

The issue was first observed on TV when a nurse in Tennessee fainted after receiving the Covid vaccine in December 2020.

That same month comedian Heather McDonald collapsed on-stage just moments after joking about getting vaxxed and boosted.

Cameras were also rolling when Brazilian TV Alterosa journalist Rafael Silva, 36, fainted live on-air while presenting the news. The incident happened just three days after Silva celebrated receiving a third Covid vaccine dose.

Of course, as usual “causation doesn’t equal correlation” and there’s nothing to see here!

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