A farmer predicts famine for his country, naming the deliberate reasons for it

A farmer predicts famine for his country, naming the deliberate reasons for it

Sheep farmer Almasbek Sadyrbayev, who is an active farmer-politician, made a grim forecast for Kazakhstan, saying the country will starve, Ulysmedia.kz reports.

According to Sadyrbaev, the food crisis has not only affected Kazakhstan, but has already become a reality and will greatly affect the people of Kazakhstan in the future.

“Everything goes to the fact that the country will soon starve. The economic situation is getting worse, food prices are going up. And the government does nothing but put sticks in the wheels of the peasants. Do we now know what to expect from a hungry people? Who can explain to me why they do it? It started with sugar, but where is the guarantee that Russians or Belarusians will not overthrow our dairy industry, poultry farming and animal husbandry. Soon we will have meat, milk, eggs can be equated to gold. Therefore, you should not look with hope at your neighbors, it is better to support your peasants,” said Samal Ibrayeva Almasbek Sadyrbaev in an interview with the editor-in-chief of Ulysmedia.kz.

In an interview, the farmer-politician told what he would do if he became the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

He also told how oligarch Mukhtar Ablyazov is connected with the current situation in the food market.

Along with this, the sheep breeder mentioned that there is no institution in the country that would defend the interests of food security, because only agricultural oligarchs receive all the profits. Calling their names, Sadyrbaev noted that it was time to fight them.

On July 14, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev reprimanded ministers over the sugar situation in the country.

Earlier, Ulysmedia.kz tried to figure out how we came to such a shortage and who is to blame not even for the fact that there is no sugar in the country now, but for the fact that over 30 years of independence we have not begun to produce it in the required volumes. In addition, we once again studied Tokayev’s proposals and remarks, which were made at an expanded government meeting and made a brief summary of the meeting.

Also, on one Sunday, the editors of Ulysmedia.kz sent a correspondent to Almaty for sugar shopping. It was not possible to check the price conscientiousness of large stores and small ones – sugar was neither expensive nor cheap anywhere. Later, the management of the Magnum retail chain commented on the situation with sugar that the correspondent of Ulysmedia.kz faced.

On July 20, the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan announced that an artificial shortage of land had been created in Kazakhstan. Three days later, lawyer Bakytzhan Bazarbek noted that the oligarchy in land relations is coming to an end.

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