The Netherlands is following in the footsteps that lead to starvation and the taking of the land from the people

The Netherlands is following in the footsteps that lead to starvation and the taking of the land from the people

Those who are familiar with the recent farmers’ protests in the Netherlands say that the Dutch government’s climate nitrogen reduction policy aimed at farmers actually has a nefarious purpose. Dutch farmers see this as an attempt to take over their land, and experts say this climate policy is part of a global agenda to control the means of food production and, if allowed to play out, will lead to a global food crisis.

Michael Jon, a journalist who has covered numerous major events and is currently based in the Netherlands, said that not only is the Dutch government persecuting its farmers, farmers in many other countries also face the same threat.

“The dark cult of Davos [World Economic Forum] is trying to destroy these farmers, and obviously this has serious security implications not only for the Netherlands, but for all of Europe and the world,” Jon said in a recent interview. “They are trying to bankrupt these farmers and are trying to confiscate their land.”

Hundreds of Dutch farmers and many truckers are trying to draw attention to the government’s proposed policy, which, if implemented, will seriously harm the farmers, and many of them will be financially ruined. In an effort to attract public attention, Dutch farmers are blocking roads and infrastructure.

According to Jon, Dutch farmers are among the most knowledgeable and efficient in the world.

“These are the best farmers in the world. They are worth more than their farms because you can go and create great farms anywhere with the knowledge in your hands,” he added.

Many countries, including the Netherlands, Canada, Germany and Sri Lanka, have a similar program to reduce nitrogen in the environment by at least 30 percent. Farmers in many other countries, including the United States, cannot find enough chemical nitrogen fertilizers to grow their crops.

Dutch farmers say that if the government implements its nitrogen reduction policy, most of them will lose their farms and livelihoods, as well as create massive food shortages for their country and the world.

Meanwhile, Thierry Bode, leader of the Dutch parliament from the opposition Forum for Democracy party, said the Dutch government is following a globalist agenda and agrees that their goals are evil.

Bode believes that the current Dutch administration wants to end the means of food production and the sovereignty of the Netherlands so that the people are completely dependent on the government.

“The people who run this country are following the script written by the EU to carry out what they call the great reset. They want to make us more dependent on international supply chains,” Bode said in a recent interview.

Bode said the EU’s Natura 2000 guidelines, which say the Netherlands should reduce its nitrogen content in its environment, are outdated and should be repealed.

The guidelines say that “certain areas in Europe have been chosen to preserve certain forms of vegetation, and as it happens, the Netherlands has been chosen to protect moss and clover,” Bode said.

“The real [Natura 2000] agenda is that they want to have a stick to beat the farmers, and it’s not just to facilitate continuous immigration”, but the broader and “spiritual” agenda is to end the farmers’ bond with their land and traditions, Bode said.

“The real point here is the great reset, mass migration, transnational governance, and so people have to become atomized, they have to lose touch with the land, and that’s why they attack farmers,” he said.

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