Vaccinated multiply variants and sustain an endless pandemic

Vaccinated multiply variants and sustain an endless pandemic

“It’s called immune imprinting. And what the government has bought is the perfect vaccine combination to cause this to get even worse.”
On a Wednesday segment of the War Room with Steve Bannon, Dr. Malone dropped a bomb. But first, he cleared the air on how “bad” these new Omicron variants really are.

“So let’s start off; how bad is Omicron? Let’s just get to the bottom of this. How bad is this big, spooky scary thing for the most of us? Okay, I’m going to quote from the great publication of the left, Business Insider … Here’s what they say on the symptoms of Omicron. Its symptoms are similar to past Omicron variants; this is BA.5, a sore throat, sneezing, and a runny nose. Okay, so this is what they’re trying to scare us with.”

Alright, nothing to worry about for someone with a healthy and functioning immune system. But here’s the punchline…

“The problem is the data are coming in from all over the world. The people that are dying and ending up hospitalized with Omicron ba.5 are the highly jabbed.

The data from New Zealand is stunning. They managed to keep the earlier variants out, they jabbed everybody, and now Omicron BA.5, which is the escape mutant, it’s learned how to avoid the vaccine … and it is hammering New Zealand because they don’t have any natural immunity.”

So more vaccine uptake is leading to more problems, and the government’s policies are making it even worse.

“Here’s the sick, sad thing. The govvies, the FDA and the CDC, have already approved and the HHS has purchased $3.2 billion worth of triple trivalent vaccine that has never been manufactured before, will not be clinically tested, will be deployed right before the elections and is probably going to have a higher dose, which means is going to have more adverse events.

And it is perfectly designed to drive immune imprinting and make people even more susceptible to infection. The whole problem that’s going on here, and they have got their heads in the sand. This is the first rule of holes. When you’re in one, stop digging, somebody has got to hammer that into their heads. Stop digging!”

So here’s how the news responds as they run cover for what’s really driving infection and hospitalization. “The New ‘Ninja’ COVID Variants is the Most Dangerous Yet”
Dr. Malone then brings out the charts and analyzes how various countries are faring. The blue line is the cases, the red line is deaths, and the flat orange line is the death baseline.

World graph. Even though the daily cases are going up, the deaths are going down “because this is not very lethal.”



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