In Europe, politicians expect at least a 100% increase in heating bills at a reduced temperature

In Europe, politicians expect at least a 100% increase in heating bills at a reduced temperature

The leaders of France and Germany are urging the population to “prepare for a complete shutdown of Russian gas” as social unrest approaches.

Europe’s population is preparing for the coming cold winter amid a looming avalanche of high energy prices and rising inflation. On Sunday, French Economics and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire warned that Russia was ready to completely cut off gas supplies to Europe and that people should now “prepare”.

“Let’s get ready for a complete cessation of Russian gas supplies. Today, this is the most likely option,” Le Maire said at an economic conference in Aix-en-Provence.

Later, he further explained to reporters: “You also have to prepare load shedding plans, we do that. This means a very specific look at each company, each area of ​​​​employment.

The government is currently compiling a list of these big companies, he said, that would be in too much danger if their facilities were suddenly cut off from gas supply. They will receive priority in the event of a possible disconnection from Russia. “We must anticipate and bring ourselves into battle formation now,” he stressed.

Germany, too, fears the worst, as its main pipeline for Russian natural gas, Nord Stream 1, was long overdue for a 10-day maintenance start starting Monday. But the fear remains that Moscow will not bring it back online to further squeeze the German economy in punishment for its stance on Ukraine, forcing Berlin to impose emergency rationing.

Germany’s population of about 80 million depends on Russia for more than one-third of all gas supplies, and there is no immediate alternative. If Moscow uses “current” maintenance as an excuse to stop supplies, some German publications are even predicting social unrest as pressure will be put on the working population in particular.

The well-known newspaper Deutsche Welle describes the alarming situation of many German households after the introduction of hot water and electricity rationing as follows:

Recently, many tenants in Germany have received unpleasant letters. As energy prices rise sharply, landlords and management companies are increasing their monthly flat rate for heating. A housing company in Berlin announces a 100% price increase for apartment heating.

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