Is China behind the assassination of Shinzo Abe?

Is China behind the assassination of Shinzo Abe?

On Friday, Chinese Twitter user Jennifer Zeng posted a screenshot taken hours before Shinzo Abe was shot dead.

At the moment, these are just statements, but nonetheless worthy of attention.

Was it just a coincidence or something more? (China has previously openly threatened the death of the former Prime Minister of Japan)

Jennifer Zeng:

“Shinzo Abe died at approximately 11:30 local time. At 6:07 pm the previous day, a Chinese user named “重装小兔19C” wrote, “Successfully bonded with the current and former Prime Minister of Japan. I will carry out the task given by the organization (meaning the Chinese Communist Party).”


A screenshot of “getting closer to Shinzo Abe” and “doing the job” was posted by a Chinese user with the username “重装小兔19C”.


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