Famine in the western world is coming fast

Famine in the western world is coming fast

Cheese is the new gold. Supermarkets are putting security tags on cheese blocks as stores crack down on theft amid rising food prices. The British shared on social media photos of the tags commonly used on bottles of alcohol attached to blocks of Aldi cheddar for £3.99.

Circular economy from the WEF. Singapore launches beer made from recycled wastewater. The globalists are fulfilling their promise to “recycle” excrement into consumer goods.

CO2 shortage threatens the supply of New Zealand chickens. According to the leading producer of poultry meat in the country, it is planned to reduce the production of certain types of chicken products. The New Zealand Food and Grocery Council said the availability of cheese, canned meats, sparkling wine and ready-to-eat meals could also be affected and prices could rise.
The Brewers’ Association and the Beverage Council have separately expressed concern about the lack of gas.

Unplanned power outages in South Africa lead to high chicken mortality. Some farmers give up as hatcheries freeze, freezers thaw and losses rise

There is a shortage of animal feed in the US as supplies remain scarce.
“The point has been reached where millions of chickens will be killed and other livestock will suffer due to company disruptions. Feed consumers in California and the Southwest are experiencing grain supply issues. Feed consumers are not only on the verge of running out of grain, but they also fear that rail traffic problems could worsen during this fall’s harvest.

“Dutch supermarkets have literally run out of food.

Quebec, Canada: A fire of unknown origin destroyed a pig farm, killing nearly 1,200 animals. None of the people were hurt. In the same county, two more fires broke out at the same time earlier in the day.

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