Scientists explain why monkeypox will spread quickly

Scientists explain why monkeypox will spread quickly

A new study on monkeypox provides a possible clue to the rapid spread of the virus.

A new monkeypox study provides a possible clue as to why the virus is spreading so quickly, and researchers say they have found the virus contains an unusually high number of mutations that could represent “accelerated evolution.”

According to a new peer-reviewed study published June 24 in the medical journal Nature Medicine, the new monkeypox strain contains an average of 50 mutations in samples studied by Portuguese researchers, while only about 10 mutations are normally expected.

The unexpectedly large amount of genetic variation in the currently common variant of monkeypox suggests that the virus can adapt quickly, which could affect the rate of transmission.

The current outbreak has reported a total of 2,103 laboratory-confirmed cases of monkeypox, including one death, according to WHO.

The WHO Emergency Committee recognized the emergency nature of the monkeypox outbreak, but did not agree that it was an emergency of international concern.

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