The authorities will monitor what food you buy, as well as all your payments

The authorities will monitor what food you buy, as well as all your payments

Norway is heading towards a complete control society where the state wants to know everything you do.

We have earlier talked about how Norway is a leading country when it comes to digital ID. It is almost a must in order to live modern life. People have to use it for online banking and many other things.

Now it turns out Norway wants even more control over citizens. The State Statistics Central bureau (SSB) in Norway is now demanding to know the food purchases of citizens and track all card payments.

They were central in establishing a “folk register” in Norway after the second world war, which led to people getting a unique ID number called “birth number”. This bureau already knows where people live and how much income they have, but now they also want to track exactly everything that you buy in the grocery store. They want to know every single food item that you buy.

The Norwegian state literally wants to know what you ate for lunch!

This is going too far.
This latest move is actually going pretty far in going towards a control society. We are now going full steam ahead. They have required almost all of the large grocery store chains in Norway to share their receipt data with the state.

They have also required a card terminal company called Nets to share detailed information with the state on all transactions. Some 80% of card payments done in grocery stores in Norway is done via this company.

“A connection with payment transactions done with debit card and grocery store receipts enables SSB [the state statistics bureau] to connect payment transactions and receipts in over 70% of daily grocery shopping” the state run bureau said in a statement on its website.

So imagine that! Norway is going to connect payment details done with card payments and grocery store receipts to figure out exactly what kind of food people are buying, and who is buying it. In other words, Norway will track exactly what kind of food citizens are buying. We are talking about a new level of state control here.

The state will know what you had for breakfast, lunch, dinner, everything. Cola, ham, chicken, steak, you name it. The state will see it all.

The state is going to track all of Norway’s payments. We are talking about enormous amounts of data here. The state statistics bureau will be collecting 2.4 million receipts EVERY day and some 1.6 billion card transactions every year. Oh, and get this. This data will not be deleted once it is collected according to NRK.

What kind of payment data are we talking about here? Well, let’s have a look.

Transaction date.

Transaction type status.

Card service.

Organization number of the company where the card was used.

Name of the company where the card was used.

Name of card user, bank account number.

Amount payed for items.

Total amount payed.

This data will then be combined with receipts from the store and used to figure out exactly what people bought. This is frightening!

So not only is the state collecting data on all card transactions and pairing them with receipts from stores to figure out exactly what you buy, they will also keep this data indefinitely. The state wants to know everything about you!

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