Almost fully vaccinated countries against poorly vaccinated European countries – a striking result

Almost fully vaccinated countries against poorly vaccinated European countries – a striking result

Naomi Wolf: The COVID vaccination leads to an excess number of newborn and unborn deaths.

While the joke about Putin burying the pandemic is eerily real, we cannot ignore a damning analysis that clearly shows the Covid vaccine only worked in financial terms.

Countries that were almost fully vaccinated are still seeing numerous hospitalizations and deaths while vaccine skeptics have escaped the virus. Furthermore, today’s studies show that “locking up” asymptomatic individuals was an abuse for which there is no medical justification.

Apocalyptic news about Covid is no longer being reported in the global and national mainstream media. Indeed, there is no further news about the pandemic virus. This does not mean that nothing is happening in the world, but it does mean that what is happening undoes all the authorities’ pseudo-scientific and manipulative discourse.

Although we have entered the warm season, when the human body is stronger and better able to fight the virus, countries where the population has been almost fully vaccinated are experiencing excessive numbers of Covid cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

However, we looked more closely at three countries: Portugal, Romania and Bulgaria, with different vaccination rates, and the results were staggering. Between May 12 and 25 there were 364,799 Covid cases and 426 deaths in Portugal, 6,130 cases and 75 deaths in Romania and 3,416 cases and 96 deaths in Bulgaria.

Portugal, praised worldwide for speedily vaccinating the entire country, reported that 94% had been vaccinated with one dose, 86% with two doses and 63% with three doses. Percentages that are unique in the world.

However, Portugal reported 41 deaths on May 25 with a 7-day average of 37 deaths, while Romania reported one death and a 7-day average of 4 deaths on May 25, and Bulgaria reported 6 deaths and one on May 25 7-day average of 6.3 deaths. The 7-day mean of hospitalizations was 1 210 in Portugal, 868 in Romania and 558 in Bulgaria. In Romania, 42% of the population are vaccinated with two doses and 12% with three doses, while in Bulgaria 29% of the population are vaccinated with two doses and 11% with three doses.

So what does the vaccine do?
At first we were told that it prevents infections and transmissions, but this turned out to be completely untrue. Then we were told it reduced mortality. So far this has been refuted. The fact that more unvaccinated than vaccinated died is due to the low proportion of vaccinated.

In terms of contagion, at least in Romania, 60% of those vaccinated are Covid positive. What is happening in Portugal, but also in other vaccinated countries, can only be explained in one way. The vaccine doesn’t work. And if it doesn’t work, then at least it doesn’t do any harm and only puts an enormous strain on the budgets of the countries.

However, this does not appear to be the case. Every day we hear about sudden deaths of young people and people who have not had any health problems. Of course, the vaccinated will angrily and vehemently reject such a hypothesis, and it is understandable that they would react in this way.

But the medical world needs to respond to these tragedies that just won’t stop.

Studies emerge
A study in 42 countries, including the UK and US, concluded that asymptomatic people accounted for just 14% of Covid cases and that their overall risk of transmitting the virus was two-thirds lower than that of symptomatic ones Persons.

And even if they transmitted the virus, it was only to people in the same family where physical contact was very close. What does that mean? That all the “lockdowns” on asymptomatic people were just gross abuse for which, of course, no one will be held accountable.

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