North Korea without vaccines and PCR tests shows low mortality

North Korea without vaccines and PCR tests shows low mortality

North Korea is urging the public to treat Covid-19 symptoms with tea, salt water and ibuprofen rather than vaccines.

While Covid-19 has allegedly killed over a million people in the United States and claimed the lives of over 6 million people worldwide, North Korea has the lowest death rate from Covid-19.

North Korea is currently battling its first Covid-19 outbreak, with about 3.3 million people reportedly succumbing to an “unidentified fever” with 69 deaths.

The “hermit state” still has limited access to vaccines and PCR tests, and does not intend to change the situation.

North Korea repeatedly withdrew vaccines from other countries throughout the pandemic, while its state media regularly reported and continues to report rampant adverse reactions to mRNA technology in the United States and the United Kingdom.

COVAX, a WHO-funded program that supplies Covid-19 vaccines to poor countries, offered nearly two million AstraZeneca vaccines to North Korea in July, but North Korea rejected the offer, citing concerns about harmful side effects. Then in September, COVAX offered North Korea three million doses of AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine, but the country again refused the supply.

Last week, the Biden administration again offered to provide Covid-19 vaccines to North Korea, but there was no response.

Instead, North Korean leaders are treating the virus with traditional medicine, urging the public to consume willow leaves, ginger, honeysuckle tea and antibiotics, including ibuprofen and amoxicillin, as well as salt water gargling.

It is reported that “a thousand tons of salt” was sent to Pyongyang to make an “antiseptic solution”.

It is also known that the DPRK is releasing its own vaccine against Covid-19, which they call the “immortal love potion.” Vaccines are reserved for a limited number of military and construction workers.

In South Korea, they believe that the situation with their neighbors looks much more terrible, because the statistics of sick and dead people in the DPRK cannot be accurately verified, since the country is isolated.

At the moment, according to a statement by local officials, without outside interference in North Korea, the death rate from Covid-19 is 0.002 percent.

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