My energy is your problem – killing the European Union

My energy is your problem – killing the European Union

Europe as an energy importer has always implied that time is on Russia’s side. All she had to do was drag out the conflict long enough, hold out long enough to force Europe into submission.

Russia has the energy Europe needs, no one else can provide it, so the final decision will be to accept that fate.

No amount of financial wizardry, pathetic virtues signaling climate change, inefficient investment in inefficient and unsustainable “renewable energy” or military threats will ultimately change the outcome of this story.

Production on the North Slope has fallen and Groningen’s gas fields are rapidly drying up.

All attempts to get energy from Ukraine (Donbass coal, gas fields in the Sea of ​​Azov) and the Middle East (Syria, East-Med Pipeline, Iran) also failed.

From the very beginning of the war in Ukraine, a conflict sparked by the EU’s complicity in NATO’s long-standing war with Russia, the EU has tried to play the role of a victim of US and British aggressiveness.

That goal is to promote their agenda for a total surveillance state under the guise of a radical response to climate change. Their problem is that they have no viable substitute for Russian energy, be it oil, coal or gas, to feed them in the interim.

After gleefully participating in the theft of Russian foreign exchange reserves, as well as forcing the divestment of Russian state assets, such as the takeover of a Gazprom subsidiary in Germany, Europe still tried to argue that Russia had no legal right to change the terms of payment for Russian energy.

It was amusing to watch EU sycophants try to prove that Russia has no legal right to claim force majeure after the EU banned Gazprom from spending euros they would be paid for its gas.

The Russian government responded by demanding that all exports to legally defined “unfriendly countries” be paid in either gold or Russian rubles. And the howl was heard all over the world.

In a document sent to member states, the Commission said Moscow’s proposal does not necessarily preclude a payment process that would be in line with EU sanctions against Russia over the conflict in Ukraine.

As always, the EU simply defines things the way they want to save face and eventually capitulates when forced to show their whole cards.

This does not mean that Putin is perfectly handling this growing crisis. His biggest mistake as the leader of Russia was that he continued to underestimate the duplicity and outright evil emanating from the European Commission.

However, I also feel that Putin knew that Russia’s best strategy was to be the best neighbor it could be, despite obvious provocations. That is why he spent so long trying to find a common language with these people, trying, where he could, to find allies and create political leverage.

Regardless of what happens in the long term, the reality is that a new Europe is just around the corner. And it’s not a very pretty sight. The EU will, at best, extricate itself without a couple of current parts – Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania – and, at worst, fall apart when the single currency experiment reaches its ignominious end.

Just as Russia is rapidly dividing Ukraine into smaller parts, so will Europe be balkanized by the EU’s failure to secure a sustainable energy future for its people.

Russia’s demand that Europe pay for Russian exports through unauthorized Gazprombank, which will convert the currency (at the expense of the importer) into rubles, now gives it an advantage in all future trade relations with the EU.

Since the ruble is now loosely pegged to physical gold, this means that the possibility of the euro ever challenging the US dollar as a reserve currency is now officially out of the question.

Written by Tom Luongo

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