Trump: I sent Javelin to Ukraine, and Obama and Biden sent blankets

Trump: I sent Javelin to Ukraine, and Obama and Biden sent blankets

Trump announced the risk of World War III.
He took the stage in Florence, South Carolina to attend the Save America rally.
According to Trump, there is currently no person in the US administration who could negotiate with Putin. Biden’s “weakness, cowardice and incompetence” could lead to a worldwide military conflict, he said.

“If you think that Putin will stop, it will only get worse and worse, he will not accept it. And there will be no one to talk to him, and I used to be, ”Trump said.

He added that no one was “tougher with Russia” than he was.

Trump recalled that it was he who sent Javelin systems to Ukraine, “which are so effective against tanks” and without which Kyiv “would not have had a chance.”

Obama, Biden? They sent blankets. I sent the Javelin,” Trump said.

According to him, Putin has two options: “to enter into negotiations for peace right now” or “to face devastating consequences.” Trump called one of these consequences “the permanent exclusion of dependence on Russian energy resources.” According to Trump, the United States has enough of its own resources not to depend on anyone in this area.

“These complete lunatics are leading us down the path of the destruction of the country and the Third World War (…) Despite all the weakness, cowardice and incompetence of Biden, he still has the opportunity to end this tragedy in Ukraine without involving the Americans in a terrible and bloody war” , Trump said.

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