What is happening in Germany: 80 years ago, Jews were persecuted, now Russians

What is happening in Germany: 80 years ago, Jews were persecuted, now Russians

Until now, the Germans were pursuing these one who wore the mask incorrectly, now the same Germans are pursuing a new goal.

I have lived in Germany for many years. I would like to talk about the current situation in the country. If you have any clarifying questions, I will answer all. So. For the last three days, our media have been showing wild nonsense about hundreds of Ukrainians shot by Chechen troops. The hysteria is just crazy, the Germans are starting to react simply inadequately. Wild tantrums are thrown in stores, if they hear from cashiers that they speak with an accent, they immediately ask if they are Russians or not?

Large supermarkets such as Rewe, Hit and so on posted ads in front of Russian goods that they “sell everything at a 50% discount and stop deliveries of goods from Russia.” No one buys these goods, but if you take this goods, the sellers at the checkouts immediately begin to be loudly indignant that you have bought Russian goods.

Wild bullying in schools. Teachers know very well where the children’s parents come from and specifically provoke questions, ..

Where did your parents come from? Children answer, from Russia. At breaks, children begin to be bullied, beaten and insulted. People wrapped in Ukrainian flags began to appear in the cities and explain in broken German that they were refugees and shout that the Russians should be driven out of Germany.

At workplaces, they began to ask Russian-speaking people to go on vacation or quit for various reasons.

Threatening letters began to arrive in the mailboxes of Russian-speakers, and serious attacks on various Orthodox churches also began. I can list many more. Sorry very hard.


A similar situation is reported in Spain – the cover photo of a Russian store in Spain.

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