What happens to the swab inserted deep into your nose for the PCR test?

What happens to the swab inserted deep into your nose for the PCR test?

The CDC finally casually acknowledged that covid “testing” nasal swabs were used to sequence human genomes.

A leading national public health agency accidentally admitted that coronavirus nose swabs are used for sequencing human genomes, and not necessarily for testing for covid.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), many of the cotton swabs stuffed into people’s nasal cavities and treated with a fake PCR test are later collected and used by “scientists” to conduct “studies” on people’s gene profiles.

“Remember that COVID-19 nose swab you took? What happened to the tampon? If it has been processed with a PCR test, there is a 10 percent chance that it will end up in a lab for genomic sequencing,” the CDC announced on Twitter.

After a major backlash, the CDC tweeted a follow-up claiming that it was actually sequencing “variants”.

This announcement by the CDC caused widespread outrage as people called a fake federal agency that is actually a private corporation for using the epidemic to collect human DNA.

“This is a disturbing development,” one person wrote on Twitter. “Was the intent revealed beforehand? I would not agree to release my DNA!”

“Translation… We own your DNA now,” someone else said.

These and many other responses flooded the CDC Twitter account to the point where the agency tweeted a follow-up statement claiming that it had somehow incorrectly expressed what the original tweet said.

“Our tweet caused some confusion,” the CDC wrote in a second tweet.

“For clarification, CDC and our partners are conducting a genome sequencing analysis of the virus that causes COVID-19. Virus sequencing helps identify and monitor the spread and impact of variants.”

However, this attempt to make amends didn’t quite work, as people everywhere expressed skepticism about what was actually going on at the CDC with the “test” results.

“I thought it was just a conspiracy theory?” someone else said.

It has long been assumed that the true purpose of all these “tests” is to give China or anyone else direct access to the DNA of people who have had swabs, nasal or anal, at some point.

More recently, home-based “testing” kits for the Biden regime were exposed for being funded by a blacklisted Chinese company with ties to the communist People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

One person wrote that he read the inserts for the tests early on and knew immediately that something was seriously wrong when it turned out they were inaccurate and couldn’t test for any real disease.

“How can they track variants if they have failed to provide purified, isolated, complete strand Covid-19 RNA?” another asked, making the very important point that it was all a sham from the start.

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