Pfizer whistleblower: The purpose of the vaccine is not to give you immunity

Pfizer whistleblower: The purpose of the vaccine is not to give you immunity

Former Pfizer employee-turned-whistleblower Karen Kingston: The purpose of the COVID-19 vaccine is to be a genetic editing tool.

“The purpose of the vaccine was not to provide immunity, and they made that clear. And by those, I mean the CDC, the FDA [and] the NIH. Augie said it didn’t give immunity. So if you look at the patents, it becomes clear that the purpose of the injections is genetic editing,” Kingston said.

“But whether vaccines or inoculations will be successful with genetic editing depends on various factors, including whether you die quickly.”

Kingston said that, in addition to transfection, the purpose of the injection is to create a new species that is not 100% human. She added that another goal of the vaccine is to introduce artificial intelligence as well as computer systems into the human body.

The former Pfizer biotechnology analyst spoke about Twist Bioscience, which she says can indeed produce human-specific viral strains and DNA or (sometimes) RNA double helix.

Kingston added that Twist Bioscience, which also works with Illumina, Thermo Fisher Scientific and other major biotech companies, received a $30 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) late last year to open a research center in Beijing, China.

“If you want to create a virus, you can create Ebola, HIV, dengue, coronavirus, whatever you want,” Kingston explained, noting that the Department of Defense and the State Department are doing research and advocacy work that would connect people with machines.

“This has to stop. So I just want to show how easy it is to sequence genes now. It’s cheap and fast, and this company has a large manufacturing facility in China. The Chinese Communist Party is one of the biggest clients of local universities.”

The informant mentioned that transfection is necessary for the introduction of genetic material into human cells to be successful.

She noted that people should be concerned about the genetic changes taking place in their bodies and their immune systems.

Kingston also pointed out that another purpose of the COVID-19 vaccine technology is hybridization, known through the use of luciferase in Pfizer vaccines. She mentioned Melissa Strickler, a whistleblower who worked in manufacturing at Pfizer, who showed pictures of the blue tint on the bottles.

The biotechnology analyst explained that with thousands of lines of genetic sequences derived from anything in the wild or in the lab, Big Pharma scientists can put cells from non-human species into a vaccine and inject them into the human body to ensure successful genetic integration.

Kingston said the COVID-19 pandemic was not just a well-planned plan. It was a well-planned mind game to convince people to inject themselves and their children with an experimental chimeric weaponized virus.

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