Dr. Vladimir Zelenko said: Vaccines turn people into transhumans

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko said: Vaccines turn people into transhumans

“These vaccines are changing who you are and what does that mean? After mapping the human genome and developing CRISPR technology, which is gene splicing and editing – [it’s] basically cut and paste – you can cut a gene fragment and then put it into a horse [gene] fragment. You can do whatever you want. And that’s why they make… transhumans or human 2.0,” Zelenko said.

“So if that’s the case, you are made in the image of Bill Gates or in the image of Klaus Schwab. Now I prefer the human version 1.0 created by God. So that’s what I mean, you’re not human anymore. You have been artificially modified by humans to fit their own plans.”

The doctor also referred to a leaked Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) presentation in 2004 about the jihad gene, a gene linked to religious extremism, and how the technology was developed to turn the gene on and off.

“Now that the technology has arrived, we can agree or disagree with its application. But the thing is, they can choose traits and genes. Let’s say they like green eyes. Then they can suppress blue eyes or brown eyes if they want to. Or if they wanted to control other aspects of the personality, they could modify it, so I would not give access to my genetic code, ”Zelenko explained.

Zelenko also found evidence that COVID-19 vaccines destroy the human immune system. He said there are more than 30 articles that attribute actual damage to T cells or the innate immune response to COVID vaccines.

“So, in theory, someone who took the vaccine acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. I’m not saying it’s HIV. I’m talking about the fact that this is an attack on the immune system, and a person becomes immunodeficient, which causes an increase in autoimmune diseases, ”Zelenko explained.

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