Documents prove that the Russian vaccine is a product of the West

Documents prove that the Russian vaccine is a product of the West

The largest ruble contract ( was signed six months ago for nearly 35 million doses.

In the past year, with the same mysterious supplier, there were contracts for
17.3 billion rubles (
9.6 billion rubles (

and for other comparable amounts, as well as for “seeds” of 5-10 million “wooden”. At the same time, the website does not have information about all contracts.

That is, the center Gamalei purchased millions of doses of the vaccine over the course of two years from an unknown supplier, a third party whose name is not publicly disclosed.

And what did Gunzburg associates do with the goods? They drove it at a speculative price, well, the stump is clear – to the regions and various departments, and the sale price was higher than the selling price approved by the government of the Russian Federation (for those who are interested, the details down to the penny are in the RIA Regnum article).

It is curious, however, that in official tenders over the past couple of years, such incredible volumes as the center of them. Gamaleya bought, he did not sell through public procurement. Did they trade from under the floor? Or did they not suffer and immediately poured “good” into the sewer?

But that is not all. In clinical trials, for example, the very “Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial ( of efficacy, immunogenicity and safety… etc.” center them. Gamaleya also acts solely as a customer and recipient of services from a single supplier.

The same mysterious “benefactor” produced for the center. Gamaleya and quality tests ( vaccines, and testing of antibody levels ( contractfz223/card/contract-info.html?id=10072107) in trial participants, and even some preclinical studies ( 10351822).

But what did the center itself do then? Gamalei and his order-bearing leader? Maybe even a co-author? Do not believe! Center them. Gamalei was… a sponsor!

And the co-authors ( of conducting clinical trials are (hold on tight!) the Moscow government headed by Sobyanin (a famous scientist, who is no worse soil scientist Gunzburg!) and the Dutch company CRO: Crocus Medical BV (, which is an international business project headquartered in the Netherlands.

That is, in our country half of the country (not counting gullible foreign citizens) has been immunized with a certain liquid of unknown origin and purpose by hiding and distorting information, as well as direct and indirect coercion.

And silence… and the dead with scythes…

It is worth noting that all this unearthed information is already about 3 months old, even requests were submitted to the FSB and other departments. And silence…

Everyone knows everything, but what is called a hand washes its hand.

A significant part of the study was unearthed by the legal service of the Parents of Moscow movement. Inquiries were indeed sent to: Krasnov, Bastrykin, Murashko, Putin. They were sent by Moscow City Duma deputy Elena Shuvalova, who also expected to speak (I don’t know if she spoke) at a meeting of the Moscow City Duma on December 29. Those to whom the requests were sent, of course, know, but people … Let them find out.

The mass psychosis that people are now in will end one day. But how many people will be left with an irreversibly twisted psyche – of course, no one knows. It is terrible to imagine what will be in the soul of these people when sobering comes.


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