A brain hemorrhage killed a baby before it was born to a vaccinated mother

A brain hemorrhage killed a baby before it was born to a vaccinated mother

A baby dies shortly before birth from a brain hemorrhage: her mother points to the experimental Pfizer injection.

A heartbreaking statement recently came to light from a woman who lost her baby to a brain hemorrhage after receiving Pfizer’s Covid-19 ‘vaccine’.

The video that was uploaded has surprised people, when the mother, who claims to be a person who is totally in favor of the vaccine, discovers the sides of the injection that she had previously refused to see.

This month, an Australian mother revealed that her daughter died after a brain hemorrhage 5 days after receiving a second dose of Pfizer’s experimental Covid injection. Stephanie Whitmore stated that she is publicizing her experience because she was “all for” COVID shots.

Whitmore wrote about how she followed her doctors’ suggestion to get a COVID shot while pregnant, in an attempt to “keep [her] family and her baby safe.” She comments that she received her first dose of the Pfizer injection on September 13, 2021.

By October 4, 2021, she got the second dose from her. “My baby was healthy and perfect throughout my pregnancy,” she wrote. “I was due to give birth any day, two days after my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine.”

Whitmore described exactly what happened in a video, saying: “I had my 36 weeks appointment a week before she died. She had her “head down, so she was ready to go.”

Whitmore soon saw that Isabella had stopped moving and rushed to the hospital to check what was wrong. Whitmore “felt a sense of relief” once her pulse was checked and they discovered that she “beat well.”

However, an ultrasound revealed that Isabella “had a blood clot in her brain”.

“It all happened so fast,” Whitmore said. Isabella proceeded to have intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH), or bleeding in the brain, and her heart eventually stopped.

“Giving my daughter a stillbirth was one of the most traumatic things I have ever experienced and I would never wish this on anyone,” Whitmore wrote.

She sought an autopsy, which revealed that the cause of death “was not identified.” Whitmore asked what the typical cause of this type of death was. “They said pre-eclampsia (hypertension during pregnancy), high blood pressure and thrombosis, or genetic disorders, which also came through clearly.”

Although Whitmore stated in her video that she’s really “not anti-vaccine,” she added, “Because the doctors couldn’t pinpoint the cause, I think it was the Pfizer vaccine. I’m not sure and I’ll never know, but there’s no other explanation.”

Whitmore added a heartfelt letter to her daughter: “There are no words that can describe the pain I’m feeling right now because I miss you so much my love… Everything happens for a reason and I can’t understand right now why you’re not with you. me, but I trust God and I know that he has the perfect plans of his for us. Bella my love, I promise that I will always be close to you and praying that… Jesus will take care of you”.

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