Professor from Israel: No patient has been in intensive care because of Omicron

Professor from Israel: No patient has been in intensive care because of Omicron

The head of the surgical department of the Ichilov hospital, Professor Idit Matot, says that there is not a single patient in the hospital now who would be in intensive care due to a coronavirus infection. “There is not a single patient with Omicron on a ventilator, there are intubated patients with influenza,” Dr. Matot writes on the Facebook page of the Ichilov hospital.

According to the doctor, there are two patients in the intensive care wards of the Ichilov coronavirus department, but they did not get there because of the virus – one was injured in a car accident, the second had a brain hemorrhage. Both, however, are recorded in the reports of the Ministry of Health as patients with covid in a critical condition, the same thing happens in other hospitals – and this misinforms the public, whips up unnecessary panic and leads the country’s leadership to the wrong decisions.

Dr. Idit Matot is one of the main opponents of the “alarm line” in the Ministry of Health, from the very beginning of the pandemic, she opposed the policy of hard lockdowns and argued that the administrative fight against the pandemic is fraught with no less serious consequences for public health than the coronavirus itself. Professor Roni Gamza, having been appointed to the post of crown projector in 2020, included Professor Matot in his staff.

Now she writes that Omicron is a harmless virus, and this is already clear enough to end the massive quarantines that put the country “on the verge of collapse” and “rob children of their childhood.” Professor Matot calls for an end to the quarantine of healthy people, especially children, and let only sick people with symptoms stay at home.

The Ministry of Health does not publish data on severe morbidity and mortality in those infected with the Omicron and Delta strains. The agency does not even report how much of the total morbidity in recent weeks is caused by Omicron. This undermines the credibility of official information and the willingness to obey the instructions of the Ministry of Health – many Israelis are known to “take the law into their own hands”, ignore positive test results and do not comply with quarantine.

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