Will Twitter ban Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla as he now says vaccines don’t work?

Will Twitter ban Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla as he now says vaccines don’t work?

All of a sudden, those managing the pandemic have changed their minds about the safety and effectiveness of “vaccines” against the coronavirus.

Albert Bourla of Pfizer said in a recent interview with CNBC that injections authorized by his company for emergencies provide “very limited protection, if any.”

Just a few months ago, Bourla wanted to imprison parents for not injecting their children with “saving medicine,” and now he admits that vaccines do nothing.

Bourla now wants people to get a third (and eventually fourth) “booster” dose to keep the profits flowing.

“Two doses are not enough for Omicron,” Bourla said, hoping to boost his company’s stock price. “The third dose of the current vaccine provides good protection against death and decent protection against hospitalizations.”

This is completely false as we now know that boosters distribute more options. Nearly every person currently in the hospital with the strange illness has received injections, believing it will help them stay “safe.”

Just a few months ago, Burla lied all over TV about the Pfizer shots being 100 percent effective. For example, back in April Bourla tweeted the following: “Excited to share this updated analysis of our Phase 3 trial with BioNTech which also showed our COVID-19 vaccine was 100% effective in preventing COVID19 cases in South Africa. 100%!”

Burla now says that Pfizer’s fourth booster injection will be ready by March, which means he’ll have more money in his pocket.

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