UK: Vaccines spread the infection, and the effectiveness of the vaccine is halved in just 2 weeks

UK: Vaccines spread the infection, and the effectiveness of the vaccine is halved in just 2 weeks

UK government data proves that the spread of COVID-19 mainly occurs among vaccinated citizens.
The United Kingdom has strict mandates and requirements in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as do many other Western “democracies”, which include rules preventing citizens from fully participating in their society unless they are “fully vaccinated”.

This is because, as UK citizens are told, it is a matter of “public health and safety”; the only way for countries to end the pandemic is to get vaccinated to get them out of it.

Only it doesn’t work that well, and the UK government’s own data backs it up.

Cases associated with the Omicron variant have skyrocketed, according to the latest government vaccine surveillance report, even “as vaccine efficacy against infection (calculated from raw data) has plummeted across all age groups as of January 2, 2022.”

The effectiveness of the vaccine more than halved in two weeks, from 79% to 38%. The sharp drop in vaccine effectiveness rates again shows how pointless vaccination mandates, passports and other requirements are if the goal is to “prevent the spread” of the virus. Clearly, according to the UK government’s own data, tripling and quadrupling past vaccine needs does not reduce them, and yet, like most other Western bureaucrats, the British continue to pursue the same policy.

According to a chart showing the proportion of infections among those who were vaccinated and unvaccinated during the above time period (“vaccinated” includes those who received at least one dose): the chart shows that nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of infections during the four-week reporting period were vaccinated (of which 65 percent were vaccinated twice or thrice), while only 22 percent, or less than one-quarter, were in the unvaccinated category.

This means that the claim that the continued spread of COVID-19 is due to “the unvaccinated” is an outright lie. In fact, it seems clear that the ongoing spread of the virus, at least in the UK, is a “vaccinated epidemic”.

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