Is the famine coming – empty shops in Australia

Is the famine coming – empty shops in Australia

A warning from Australia is what Biden’s mandate to vaccinate truckers will look like when it goes into effect.
Beginning January 15, this coming Saturday, American truckers will have to show proof of vaccination to enter Canada. The Biden regime’s mandate to vaccinate will mean that around 30,000 cross-border truckers will be forced to close.

Things are about to become real. The storm is coming.
Biden’s latest irrational moves could wipe out the US economy in about 2 weeks.

In some Australian states (such as Queensland and Western Australia), vaccinations are required for truck drivers. This triggered a supply chain crisis in Australia as supermarkets and stores are running out of goods. This photo was taken at the local Coles supermarket on January 10, 2022.

This is something the US should look forward to when the Biden administration bans truck drivers from crossing the Canadian border.

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