Canadian military: The 2019 Wuhan Military Games were held suspiciously in a city without people

Canadian military: The 2019 Wuhan Military Games were held suspiciously in a city without people

Canadian military, fearing he was at the epicenter of Covid two months before China officially acknowledged the virus, has demanded an investigation into the suspicious outbreak
The officer was among the many athletes who fell ill after participating in the World War Games in Wuhan in October 2019.

The officer reporting the wrongdoing said a 168-member Canadian delegation arrived in Wuhan on October 15 and found the city empty. “As far as we could see, there were skyscrapers, but all schools were closed, the cranes were not moving, there were almost no cars and almost no one,” he said.

“When the team members asked about the deserted streets, they were told it was good for them. But I have been to the previous War Games and have never seen anything like this – and there were only 9000 of us in this big city ”.

He said that after eight days, Canadian athletes began to feel unwell with flu symptoms such as fever, nausea and exhaustion. “I started having symptoms shortly before the end of the Games. There were so many cases that most of the rear of the plane had to be quarantined for sick people. “

He felt so terrible that he had to stay at a hotel for three days on his way home from the airport. Nearly two years later, he says he is still suffering from what he believes is the long-term Covid.

“I am 100 percent convinced that the virus was present in Wuhan when we were there,” the Canadian officer said. “I agree that I am not a scientist and it may not be Covid, but why is everyone so reluctant to investigate?”

His revelations fuel fears that the Chinese government has covered up the outbreak. The Beijing regime says the first confirmed case occurred on December 8.

Several European athletes participating in the Games, which attracted over 9,000 participants from 100 countries, said they developed Covid-like symptoms in Wuhan. Reports also say that Iranian participants died shortly after returning home.

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