Israel: The fourth dose of the vaccine is disappointing

Israel: The fourth dose of the vaccine is disappointing

Scientists have found that antibodies increase fivefold after the fourth vaccination. However, a little later, you will return to the same level as shortly after the third dose. What this means is not yet clear.

The head of an Israeli study on the efficacy of a fourth corona vaccination considers the observed fivefold increase in antibodies to be “good, but not enough.” “We are seeing a slight increase in the number of antibodies, but this is not a very impressive increase,” Professor Gili Regev of the Israeli news site ynet said Wednesday of preliminary results from the study.

“Shortly after the fourth vaccination, you returned to the same antibody level as shortly after the third,” Regev said. They hoped for more from the second revaccination. It may not be a goal to get a coronavirus vaccine approximately every four months.

They are pleased that endangered populations such as immunocompromised people and people over 60 in Israel have already received their fourth dose, Regev said. “But I’m really not sure if everyone should be doing them now. We need more information. “

Regev also stressed the enormous importance of the first revaccination: “Anyone who received the first and second dose should urgently receive the third.” Those who have not yet received the revaccination should “run” to the vaccination station, she advised.

Another attempt at a fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine began on Wednesday at Sheba Hospital. 150 participants must receive their fourth Moderna vaccination after three doses of Biontech / Pfizer. “The combination of vaccines could be better,” Regev said. This is the world’s first attempt at a fourth vaccination with combination vaccines.

Only about 61 percent of the 9.4 million Israelis are still considered fully vaccinated. These people are double-vaccinated within six months of the second vaccination, as well as people who have received revaccinations. 30 percent of the population are not vaccinated at all, 9 percent have expired. More than four million Israelis have already received their third dose, and more than 70,000 have received a fourth, according to the Ministry of Health.

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