Israel is considering a strategy to leave Omicron alone to achieve herd immunity

Israel is considering a strategy to leave Omicron alone to achieve herd immunity

Israel appreciates the lifting of restrictions and allows Omicron’s “mass contamination”.

Israel is considering changing its strategy for responding to the pandemic. As the Omicron variant spreads, the Israeli authorities are considering promoting a “mass contamination model” of this variant, causing mild illness, rather than imposing additional restrictions.

Thus, according to Hebrew media reports, experts from the Ministry of Health are considering using the high infection rate – almost 3,000 new positive results per day – to achieve herd immunity through massive infections.

The country’s positivity rate rose to 2.48 percent and the infection rate – the average number of people infected with each carrier of the virus – rose to 1.53, indicating that the outbreak is on the rise. However, the rise in infections does not mean an increase in the number of serious cases due to COVID-19 or hospitalizations, as there are only 88 serious patients nationwide, and these numbers remain stable compared to recent weeks.

In two weeks, the Ministry of Health estimates that 90 percent of new COVID-19 cases will correspond to the micron strain, which is much more infectious than Delta, although it causes milder symptoms.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Benet said yesterday that Israel is on the brink of a “storm of infections the scale of which we have not seen yet,” and warned that “many people will be infected” with the omicron variant without being able to do anything to prevent it …

“There will be a thunderstorm. We cannot avoid this, ”said the prime minister, who is imprisoned after one of his daughters tested positive for the omicron, in an interview with the public broadcaster Kan.

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