Three football players died in just 5 days on the sports fields

Three football players died in just 5 days on the sports fields

The number of footballers around the world is starting to decrease alarmingly. Forming teams is becoming increasingly difficult. Some of them give positive samples and stay out of the field for a week or more. Others end their careers after health problems. A third, however, is unlucky. For the last five days 3 professional football players have died. All deaths are due to heart attacks.
At the age of 23, Croatian footballer Marin Cacic died of a heart attack. The footballer collapsed during training on December 20 and was sent to hospital in a coma. Marin Cacic died on December 23.

Algerian footballer Soufiane Lokar (30) from the second division died during a match on December 19th. The medical team of the match failed to save him from a heart attack. The tragedy for the Algerian is complemented by the fact that he got married only a week before his death.


29-year-old Omani footballer Makhlid Al Raqadi died before the start of a local match. He fell during training before the match and later died in hospital. The tragedy happened on December 23.
Recently, footballers and athletes in general have suffered en masse from the side effects of vaccines, dying or ending their sports careers.

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