Prolonged restrictions have led to non-compliance

Prolonged restrictions have led to non-compliance

“Americans are increasingly refusing to comply with restrictions.
After nearly two years, most of them are back to their lives before the pandemic and just don’t want to obey orders.

Suffice it to recall the recent Mandate of Governor Katie Hawkul for mandatory masking and vaccinations. More than 30 New York County leaders have publicly refused to use it, using terms such as “Gestapo tactics” and “masked police.”

Many other leaders refuse to fulfill their mandates because ordinary citizens are not going to play along with them.

For example, Biden’s favorite company, Amtrak, canceled its January 4th mandate. 17,000 employees had to be vaccinated or take unpaid leave.

The Los Angeles Unified School District has postponed vaccinations until fall 2022 after management realized that 28,000 unvaccinated students would simply not be admitted to face-to-face classes.

Hospitals and health systems have also dropped mandates (including Tenet Healthcare, HCA Healthcare, Cleveland Clinic and AdventHealth) to avoid labor shortages. “

Source: NewYorkTimes

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