When will the vaccination and the virus come to an end?

When will the vaccination and the virus come to an end?

Deputy chief of Israel’s largest hospital tells Ynet that as long as populations in places like Africa remain largely unvaccinated, new variants will develop and spread, requiring fresh vaccine doses to protect from illness.

Another piece of evidence comes from New Zealand, where Prime Minister Jacinda says it in plain text:

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern: “There’s not going to be an endpoint to this vaccination program….”

A Portuguese user shares the following:

Word on the street here in Portugal that there are many military and police who do not want the vaccine and are against measures, but are waiting for the public to wake up in bigger numbers, otherwise it is seen as a coup. The end is coming. Keep going.

So in conclusion:
Everyone is waiting for people to wake up, because only they can stop what is happening by saying a resounding no. This requires over 50% of awakened people. Until then, all we have to do is wait and handle the sleeping people around us.

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