A 14-year-old Italian woman stopped competing after the first dose and is dead after the second

A 14-year-old Italian woman stopped competing after the first dose and is dead after the second

Death of the young Jade, the people of the Web lash out against the vaccine.
Dozens of comments that would attribute the cause of the embolism accused by the young woman to the vaccine. However, there is no evidence or medical-scientific findings that would correlate the two events.

A family and a community still in shock from the sudden death of a 14-year-old girl, torn from her life too soon.

Giada Furlanut, resident of Fiumicello, passed away due to a sudden pulmonary embolism, which struck her on November 29th. An illness at school, hospitalization, worsening and yesterday the tragic news.

The young woman attended the Pertini hotel school in Grado and had been playing volleyball for several years, before her in the team in her village and, for some time, in the Asd Volleyball Pieris.
The people of the Web

A news, that of Giada’s death, which struck everyone, and which unleashed the people of the Web on the causes of the death of the young woman with “absurd” positions and information distortions.

Dozens of comments would attribute the embolism accused by the 14-year-old to a side effect linked to the vaccine. There are those who claim that Giada had recently taken the second dose, there are those who instead say that the vaccination dates back to August, but in fact there is no certain or direct news of such statements.

“She had done the second dose in August, she no longer played volleyball, she was always tired” someone writes.

And then, again “They try to hide the whole regime and its accomplices!”

“Obviously, the press are careful not to report that the young volleyball player had had medical findings on the subject of heart checks after the first dose of vaccine, and that she had recently been given the second dose”.

However, neither from the medical-scientific community nor from the family, there is, for now, evidence or news that correlates pulmonary embolism to the vaccine.

Source: udinetoday.it

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