Those who have money can also avoid the mandatory vaccination in Austria

Those who have money can also avoid the mandatory vaccination in Austria

Compulsory vaccination: Who refuses, pays up to EUR 7200.

It is becoming increasingly clear what the compulsory vaccination could look like from February 2022: Anyone who does not comply with several requests for the protective sting pays. And not that little at all.
From February 2022, things will get serious. For “all people who live in Austria”, quotes the “Presse” from the first rough draft of the compulsory vaccination:

Anyone who refuses to attend the vaccination appointment should be summoned by the district administrative authority.
If you ignore that too, there should be a second request within four weeks.
If you stay away again, you face a 3600 euro fine or four weeks’ substitute imprisonment.
The penalty increases to up to 7200 euros if someone has already been punished twice for violating the obligation to vaccinate or if “the administrative offense has created a serious risk to life or health of a person”.
There are exceptions, but few:
Only those who cannot vaccinate because there is a “danger to life or health” or who are pregnant or underage should be exempt from the obligation. In addition, no one is “forcibly brought before”, so they are not vaccinated by force.
The rough draft is NOT a finished law yet, so a lot can still change. Starting on Tuesday, this will be discussed for the first time in the course of a round table in the Federal Chancellery. Also about how long the law should apply at all. According to initial reports, a period of three years is planned.


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