Another country with compulsory vaccination in Europe

Another country with compulsory vaccination in Europe

Austria has launched the introduction of compulsory vaccination of the entire population on 1 February. Even then, it became clear that compulsory vaccination would cover other countries in Europe.
Mandatory vaccination of all over 60 years introduces Greece. Very soon this decision will be extended to others. Thus, Greece is the second country with mandatory vaccination of the population.
Germany is on the verge of approval.

Designated Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) and the majority of minister presidents of the federal states in favor to introduce the compulsory vaccination of the population in Germany (BILD).

Parliament (Bundestag) must vote on any legislation on compulsory vaccination. The majority for now are in favor of the introduction of compulsory vaccination.
According to official data, currently in Germany 68.4% are considered fully vaccinated, but very soon most of them will have to take the third needle to be vaccinated.

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