More expensive electricity and gas for the unvaccinated

More expensive electricity and gas for the unvaccinated

The government commission on epidemics and vaccinations began negotiations with Gazprom Armenia and Electric Networks of Armenia (ENA) on raising gas and electricity tariffs for citizens unvaccinated against c0ronavirus, the Armenian newspaper Zhokhovurd reported on November 6.

Sources close to the government reported that the commission is working on “mechanisms to increase gas and electricity bills in the future for citizens who have not been vaccinated against the c0ronavirus,” moreover, we are talking about a rise in price by about two times.

Sources of the publication noted that the price of gas and electricity will remain at the same level only at those addresses where 80% of residents were vaccinated.

“In other words, if three out of five people in a family are vaccinated, this will not be enough.

At least four out of five family members must be vaccinated. Otherwise, they will have to pay double the price for the consumed gas and electricity, ”the newspaper said.

“Our sources close to the government justify this by the large number of deaths from c0ronavirus in Armenia, noting that the only way to fight this is vaccination,” the newspaper concluded.

Let us remind that earlier the Ministry of Health of Armenia announced that from December 1, treatment for unvaccinated citizens may become paid.

In addition, from November 1, Armenia introduced compulsory vaccination or the obligatory provision of c0ronavirus test results every two weeks for working citizens.

The department also said that in the future, negative results of PCR testing for unvaccinated citizens will have to be provided to the employer not once every two weeks, but weekly.

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