The military will forcibly vaccinate the Australian population

The military will forcibly vaccinate the Australian population

The functions of the Army are quite different, defined and clearly defined. But it doesn’t matter to the sales government. Only a few months ago, the government roared that China would attack them, and the army would walk through the Australian outback and chase some who do not want to die!

Video from Australia reports members of the armed forces are being trained to go door-to-door, and forcibly vaccinate every person in the country at gunpoint.

The military is also being trained to chase anyone trying to escape into nearby woods or other areas, to grab them too — at gunpoint.

People in Australia are finally realizing some of their political class, who are ordering such training and who apparently plan to engage in such action, are “evil to the core” and must be gotten rid of.

The Hal Turner Radio Show has reached out to Australian Defense Headquarters in Canberra via email, for comment about this story, and it’s future update containing the names and personal home addresses of the Officers who have ordered this training.

The story will be updated to include any comments that Australian Defense wishes to make for inclusion in this story.

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