The Institute of Technology forbids chanting Let’s go Brandon

The Institute of Technology forbids chanting Let’s go Brandon

Virginia Institute of Technology is trying to put an end to the “inappropriate and embarrassing” behavior of students after the viral “F … ck Joe Biden!” and “Let’s go Brandon!”

It all started last month when fans attending a Virginia Tech game began chanting “F … ck Joe Biden!”

Virginia Institute of Technology announced Thursday that it is taking steps to tackle student football behavior ahead of the team’s match with Pittsburgh. In a joint letter from University Athletics Director Whit Babcock, Vice President of Student Affairs Frank Shushok, Jr., and Virginia Tech Police Chief Mac Babb, the school addressed the need to contain students who attend home games at Lane Stadium in Blacksburg.

In addition, Canadian government officials were banned from saying “Let’s go Brandon!” or any other variation of a popular slogan.

The October 14 letter from the Canadian government to staff was posted online by Peter McCaffrey, President of the Alberta Institute. It says it was “legal notice” that the phrase “Let’s go Brandon” in any form is banned by the Canadian government service.

However, the viral chant continues.
Speaking at the 7th Anniversary of Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West (PEGIDA) in Dresden, former East Germany, British patriot Tommy Robinson successfully led a crowd of 4,000 to chant “Let’s Go Brandon!”

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