The days off in Italy are over, the protests are their new life

The days off in Italy are over, the protests are their new life

The people’s battle against the green passport begins daily. People will not get the vaccine, they have already lost their jobs and income. They have no choice but to start the fight against slavery.
Today, the green passport officially came into force, and the Italians closed the major ports in Trieste, Genoa and Monfalcone.
Those who have adopted a green passport can work, but many of them did not work today. They also support the protests, and others who do not support them will have to take over the work of others. For them, this will be impossible in just a few days. Will the government find people to replace those who have already been fired?
In Italy, 70.6% of the population over the age of 18 is fully vaccinated.
However, several million people took part in protests across the country today.
The completely blocked ports, where they are most active with the protests, will bring new supply disruptions across Europe, which will be reflected in a few days, and will further increase inflation in the Eurozone.


Italy is adopting some of the toughest measures after Australia and Vietnam, two countries that have gone back decades in their development. This is about to happen in Italy as well.

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