Hundreds of US Congressmen treated for modern disease with ivermectin – Dr. Gold

Hundreds of US Congressmen treated for modern disease with ivermectin – Dr. Gold

Founder of American Doctors of the Front, Dr. Simona Gold, confirmed on Twitter that hundreds of US Congressmen, as well as their families and employees, have approached Doctors of the Front for alternative treatments using ivermectin, on October 11.

On October 8, Dr. Pierre Corey tweeted the following: “Interesting fact: 100 to 200 members of the US Congress (plus many of their employees and family members) with C0VID … have been treated by colleagues with ivermectin and the I-MASK + protocol over the past 15 months published at Nobody went to the hospital. He just said. “

The protocol the doctor talks about is ivermectin and an immune-supporting complex of vitamins C, D3, as well as zinc, quercitin and melatonin at night.

After questions arose about how he knew this, he said that he had information from “a very reliable source in Congress,” but that he did not know the names of the patients, and if he did, he would not disclose.

On October 11, Dr. Simona Gold reported, citing a report on the congressmen who were being treated: “I can confirm that this is true. Several elected officials have approached me over the past year and asked for such treatment. ”

Note that none of these more than one hundred elected officials reported in the press that they were treated with ivermectin, and none of them did anything to lift the ban on ivermectin treatment in US hospitals, where by order of medical officials, the treatment protocols “Doctors from the front »Use is prohibited.

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