And Belarus surrendered, vaccinated even pregnant women

And Belarus surrendered, vaccinated even pregnant women

On October 11, Belarusian doctor of medical sciences Lyudmila Makarina-Kibak spoke about coronavirus in pregnant women and newborns.

She noted that “we talk a lot today about the fact that the fourth wave, which has come, is now growing a little sick. The coronavirus has changed, it has become younger. “

“If earlier it was said that pregnant women do not get sick or get sick without consequences, then, unfortunately, there are now cases of both sick and cases of coronavirus in newborns,” she said on the ONT TV channel.

Therefore, according to her, Belarus is carrying out “a lot of explanatory work”:

“We are talking about the fact that pregnant women, nevertheless, preparing to become mothers, must be vaccinated and observe all preventive measures,” said Makarina-Kibak.

We will remind, Telegraph wrote that in the city of Lelchitsy, Gomel region, an 8-month-old child fell ill with coronavirus.

“Children are also sick with an insidious virus: among 4 children with confirmed coronavirus, there is also an eight-month-old baby. I would like to note that children are more likely to carry the infection asymptomatically, but at the same time they are direct carriers of coronavirus infection, ”the infectious disease doctor of the central district hospital Irina Zhuk told the newspaper Svetlae zhytsyo.

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